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Please DO NOT upload fanart to the wiki!

I noticed that you've uploaded an image which is clearly fanart and as written in the basic rules, which I'll quote, this is NOT ALLOWED on the wiki:

"Do NOT submit inappropriate and offensive images to the wiki. By "inappropriate", we mean pictures that have completely nothing to do with Rayman and Rabbids unless for personal uses (e.g. a signature), unofficial images (e.g. fanart used without artists' permission), or images that are otherwise likely to cause upset. By "offensive", we mean pictures that are violent, pornographic or are designed to attack Rayman and Rabbids or a person. These will be removed as soon as seen and users will be warned."

I'm also pretty sure SailorRaybloom isn't the type of person that appreciates what you're doing. Sorry but rules are rules. --Cairnie (talk) 23:05, 13 September 2013 (CEST)