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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rabbids Go Home
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Species Dog
Status Pet

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Vermi-Dogs are common enemies in the game Rabbids Go Home. They can be found in three breeds.

The Chihuahua is the weakest dog breed in the game. They only attack if the Rabbids are not watching them. If the bunnies try to approach one of them, it will run away. They are defeated With a BWAAH attack and become collectibles. In some levels you can found Chihuahuas with a bomb on their head that works like a timer bomb.

The Bulldog is the most common, aggressive and the strongest breed in the game. They always try to catch the Rabbids. They are not defeated with a BWAAH attack, but only stunned. It is the only dog race that can be found in a green gummy suit like the Verminators. They can also be found in a red explosive suit. In this case the only way to defeat them is to throw them the Rabbid inside your Wiimote. Some Bulldogs are chained to a pole and can attack only in a limited space. Some others wear a helmet that make them immune to the scream of the Rabbids.

There is also a third dog type named Basset Hound that is not stronger than the Bulldogs, but also not weaker than a Chihuahua. It is defeated with a BWAAH attack and also can be seen in some levels with a bomb on its head that works like those of Chihuahuas. Some others wear a helmet that make them immune to the scream of the Rabbids.

In Rabbids Go Home dogs are portrayed as very loyal, but also stupid animals. In a particular level a Rabbid screams to a dog which then starts to do what the bunny wants. The Bulldogs seem to be stronger than humans, in fact when they are brought on a leash and see the Rabbids they start chasing them dragging also their owner.