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Re: Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
It's baffling. The support guys are still being vague and I'd hate for these two great games to join the group of highly acclaimed mobile games that are wiped from existence similarly to both Mirror's Edge and Dead Space's iOS versions.

But yeah as of now, for everyone with the latest iOS versions, both games simply crash upon launching. They still work on my old iPhone thankfully since it's too old to update but still, that device will eventually die n all.

Re: Rayman 1
Can`t Download My Internet Crashed.

Re: Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
The gallery files for Android fail to download and the game refuses to start. I explained it here.

Also, I agree, they really should have just patched it, especially since it's not even a free game.

Re: Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
RayCarrot wrote:
Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:08 pm
I contacted them too and received this:
Hello RayCarrot. Thanks for reaching out with your question. I do apologize as Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run are no longer available on iOS platforms.
On Android the additional files for Jungle Run can no longer be downloaded.
Then, yeah, this is problematic. Both of these games just needed a tiny patch, but they instead decide to just erase the games entirely without refunds, even for those who purchased the apps just before they became defective? Thats pretty low.

Re: Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
Aditional files?

What do you mean?

Re: Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
I contacted them too and received this:
Hello RayCarrot. Thanks for reaching out with your question. I do apologize as Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run are no longer available on iOS platforms.
On Android the additional files for Jungle Run can no longer be downloaded.

Ubisoft Deleted Jungle/Fiesta Run?
A little over a month ago, both apps stopped being able to launch due to the latest iOS update messing with their compatibility. I contacted Ubisoft support and we both concluded that they just needed a little patch. A few days later, both of the games disappeared from the App Store entirely. I initially assumed this was simply a temporary solution to prevent people from purchasing a nonfunctioning app until it's patched. However, when inquiring about this, they sent me back this:

(This was a month ago)

I've contacted them again today to check on the progress and am waiting to hear back, but my concern is that rather than simply patch the two games, they instead decided to just permanently delete both of them without any intention of distributing refunds. This is just speculation on my part but it seems credible to me.

Anyone else have any info on this?

Re: Rayman 1
I don't really know where to put this, but I dumped the five Dutch versions of the Rayman edutainment games that I own:

- French with Rayman (Beginner) (so 1 out of two difficulty levels)
- English with Rayman (Advanced) (so 1 out of two difficulty levels)
- Rayman Junior (all three difficulty levels)

Maybe these will be of some interest to collectors.

Re: RayTwol ~ Rayman 2 level editor (1.0 release)
I'd recommend contacting him on GitHub or Twitter.

Re: Rayman Headcanons
I think I may know the real reason why we will never see Razorbeard and his Henchmen ever again.

Just a heads-up: This isn't true by any means, so it's probably just a bunch of implausible bunk until Ubisoft themselves sheds light on this besides what's already been said in interviews or mentioned artbooks. I hadn't touched upon any Rayman games lately, so my knowledge is rusty at this point. So you're free to correct me on any of this.

According to Rayman's History artbook (the French one), Ubisoft commented that they didn't like Rayman 2 for it's heavy themes. This seems suspicious to me...
About a year later, they started developing the most well known spin-off game in the series, Rayman Multiplayer. It was released in November 2001 for Microsoft PC and Sony PlayStation 2. A North American version was released the year after, titled; Rayman Arena. And this is where the problem lies.
It lies among the playable characters you can unlock. Which are Razorwife, Tily, and the fan-favorite of all three, Henchman 1000.

The latter is more enticing than the rest, right? Well, maybe not to the developers... and some of you as well
From my observation, I presume Ubisoft would routinely use the Robo Pirates like they have done so with Globox, Teensies, and now Barbara.

But, post production of the GameCube version of Rayman Arena, they had a second thought.
All the playable characters in the game have a idle animation. Some of which are true or in tune with their character. Such as Razorbeard, he does a Irish River Dance because he has Irish ancestors and has a short temper. Razorwife puts on her make-up because she's one of the beauty-freaks. And finally, Henchman 1000 is known to bear a fake moustache, and a Spanish accent. His idle animation though? He stands tall for a second, then plops down on his metallic buttocks with his arms crossed. Like a lazy Mexican stereotype.

As a small studio compared to Activision, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, a smidgen tiny bit of backlash would hurt them.
If I were to show the gif of this idle animation to some minorities, surely I'd receive comments what they think of it, and how it can be possibly improved.
It's maybe not a big deal to some people, but it is to many others. If Ubisoft were to bring the Robo-Pirates back, including Razorwife and Henchman 1000, I suggest they give H-1000 the El Buzzo treatment. During a fight or accident, H-1000's memory get's corrupted and now fluently speaks a different, foreign language. Just like what happened to Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3.

TL;DR: The Ubisoft not liking Rayman 2 was a possible cover-up of something controversial, or to hide something that could potentially ruin their image forever. Given how small they are.

I forgot to mention that this is speculation afterall. It's not meant to be taken seriously, but I wanted to get it out there. And if this by any means is true, I did not write my hypothesis to make the heads @ Ubisoft look bad, nor Michel Ancel for that matter. I'm sure they're decent human beings, and they wouldn't want to offend anybody either. Not in the past, present, or the distant future.

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