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RTAS Betina.jpg
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman: The Animated Series
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Portrayed by Carolyn Lawrence (in Lac-Mac Napping and No Parking)

Lacey Chabert (in High Anxiety)
Kath Soucie (in Big Date)

Sex Female
Species Human
Status Ally

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Betina is a unique character who only appears in Rayman: The Animated Series. She is one of the slaves held prisoner at Rigatoni's circus whom Rayman rescues. In the first two episodes of the series she is supposedly voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, though even she could not confirm that she had done Betina's voice. [1]


Surprisingly Betina's appearance is similar to that of Betilla the Fairy in terms of the colour of her hair and clothes, and even her name, only that she is a tall and thin ordinary girl with a wide face. Other than that, there does not seem to be any relation between her and Betilla. She has short red hair held up in a bunch, wears a yellow top and shoes, and wears light green pants. She also appears to wear a dark collar around her neck.



  • Early concepts for The Animated Series refer to Betina under the name "Roz" and her physical appearance would be more realistic. She would also wear a hat and a dress.


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