Lac-Mac Napping

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Lac-Mac Napping is the first episode of Rayman: The Animated Series. It introduces all of the major characters, and is the only episode in which Razorbeard and Rigatoni appear. It is followed by No Parking.


Official artwork from the Lac-Mac Napping episode

One night, Rigatoni brings his flying circus deep within the city of Aeropolis, a place that is populated with creatures that resemble Count Razoff. After the stars of the circus act, Lac-Mac, Betina and Flips perform their show, they are sent back into their cages where they lament and wish for a way to escape from their prison.

Meanwhile, Razorbeard, being a mere lackey to Rigatoni, has captured a new creature, which happens to be Rayman, though he is unable to get him to do any tricks. Rayman is then sent backstage of the circus where is he put in the same cage as Betina. Rigatoni and Razorbeard then haul up the anchor and set off to another location.

Still without hope, Cookie suggests that Lac-Mac should try his new act in an attempt to cheer everyone up. The act is bending a bar of cast iron steel to making shapes. At first Rayman is not convinced by the act, until he feels how tough the steel really is, which then gives him an idea. He asks Lac-Mac to pull apart the bars of his own cage, while Flips flies over to the security camera to block out their actions, being that she is small enough the fit through the bars herself. Razorbeard is then sent to check on the prisoners, only to find that they have escaped, and ends up being captured by them and spun around in Lac-Mac's cage. As the gang try to find an exit, Cookie withdraws an automatic bread slicer which Rayman uses to cut a large hole in the tent, which they jump out of to their freedom. This angers Rigatoni and he calls an Inspector Grub to go out and find his escaped prisoners.

Meanwhile, Rayman and the gang end up on the outskirts of a city called Aeropolis, where they come across an engineer with an old car that he cannot fix, and no longer seems to want. Rayman says that Cookie can fix it, and the engineer says that they can have the car if Cookie can fix it, as he has been trying for a long time. Cookie fixes the car, and the gang then drive away into the city.


  • Rigatoni calls Grub "Detective" in this episode, although all official sources call him "Inspector".
  • Rigatoni wants Rayman to do tricks with his "Detachable hands". Interestingly, Rayman's hands would not actually be shown to detach from his body in official continuity until Rayman 3, which was not released at this point. Of course, it had long been speculated that Rayman could detach his body parts due to his lack of limbs.