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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman: The Animated Series
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Portrayed by Danny Mann

Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Ally

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Lac-Mac is a character who appears in all four episodes of Rayman: The Animated Series. He is the star of Rigatoni's flying circus, where he and his friends are made to perform many circus tricks in front of large, scarily devoted audiences. In Lac-Mac's case, he is able to juggle several balls at once, and later on in Lac-Mac Napping he demonstrates his incredible strength - he is strong enough to quickly bend solid steel into shapes, and later pulls the bars of his backstage cage apart, therefore setting himself and his friends free.


Lac-Mac is a tall mysterious creature that resembles some sort of rabbit. He is blue in colour with pink spots and a beige underbelly, has two long ear like forms growing from his head, which are also pink, has large feet, allowing him to hop like a kangaroo and also has large buckteeth.


Not much is known about Lac-Mac's personality, mainly because he rarely speaks. When he does, he commonly refers to himself in third-person and speaks in short sentences, adding to his somewhat simple minded personality. He appears to be ditzy and naive, with a rather short concentration span, and is constantly being dragged into things by Cookie, who Lac-Mac seems to look up to. There are subliminal hints across the series, particularly in Big Date, that he may have a crush on Betina, but it is unknown whether she returns the feelings. Like everyone else, he seems to be terrified of Rigatoni, but manages to get over the mistreatment by him in an alarmingly short time.