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Aeropolis is the city in which Rayman: The Animated Series is set. Situated in a vast forest, its population consists almost entirely of Inspector Grub's species.


Overview of Aeropolis

Aeropolis first becomes involved in the story of the series when Rigatoni sets his circus down nearby in the first episode of the series, and becomes a refuge to Rayman and his friends after they escape from the circus. The first inhabitant the group encounter is a man working on his car, which Cookie fixes and is allowed to keep. After the car is towed away with Flips inside, the group follow it to the scrap yard and save Flips from being crushed along with the car. Soon after, they set up residence in an empty apartment above the home of Inspector Grub, who has been hired to capture them by Rigatoni.

In High Anxiety, the third episode of the series, Cookie is admitted to Aeropolis' mental institution, but is busted out by Rayman and the team due to the incompetence of the staff.

The fifth episode, that was never produced, is rumoured to feature a cinema.

Notable areas

Aeropolis' train station, as seen in Rayman: The Animated Series and in the Rayman CP

Gallery of scrapped backgrounds in Rayman: The Animated Series

Notable inhabitants


  • From a distance, Aeropolis resembles Band Land.