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RTAS Flips.jpg
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman: The Animated Series
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Sex Female
Species Ludiv
Status Friend

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Flips is a character who appears only in Rayman: The Animated Series. She is a small fairy like creature whose appearance is similar to that of the Ludivs from Rayman 2, and is best friends with Betina and Lac-Mac, and her ability to fly has been made useful in their escape from Rigatoni's flying circus, where her circus trick is tightrope walking.

Flips is a sweet and innocent character with a childlike personality, though she tends to do things without thinking about the consequences, such as when she was upset with her friends ignoring her, and locked herself in the car that was later taken away on tow in No Parking. She is also loyal to her friends, and even though Betina tells her to let herself free, she would not go without her friends, suggesting that they do need each other.