List of achievements in Rayman Fiesta Run

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Rayman Fiesta Run has support for achievements through GameCenter on iOS devices, Google Play Games on Android devices and Xbox Live on Windows devices. The Windows 10 edition does however not have Xbox Live support, and thus no achievements or leaderboards. The game has a total of 25 achievements to be earned.

Icon Name Gamerscore

Xbox Live



Description (uncompleted) Description (completed)
RFR Ach 4.png Starter 5G 5 p. Yay ! 100 Lums collected
RFR Ach 4.png Main Course 5G 10 p. Yiha ! 500 Lums collected. Congratulations!
RFR Ach 4.png Dessert 5G 15 p. Impressive! 1,000 Lums collected! Well done my friend!
RFR Ach 4.png Gourmand 5G 20 p. 3,600 Lums collected. Quite an achievement...
RFR Ach 4.png Voracious 10G 25 p. 7,200 Lums collected! You are gifted!
RFR Ach 4.png Collector 20G 30 p. 20,000 Lums collected! No doubt allowed, you're the champion!
RFR Ach 5.png Lifeguard 5G 10 p. 10 Teensies freed. Interesting...
RFR Ach 5.png Gentleman 5G 20 p. 50 Teensies freed. Nicely played
RFR Ach 5.png Savior 5G 30 p. 100 Teensies freed. Well done
RFR Ach 5.png Hero 10G 40 p. 144 Teensies freed . Challenge completed!
RFR Ach 5.png Super Hero 20G 50 p. 288 Teensies freed ... Impressive
RFR Ach 2.png Dragon baby 5G 10 p. "Flying Fish Tails" completed... Tonight is sushi night!
RFR Ach 3.png Mecha Carnivora boss 5G 10 p. "Run or Burn" completed... Without a sweat!
RFR Ach 2.png Dagon's appetite 5G 10 p. 2 El Stomacho levels completed... Meteorite collision avoided!
RFR Ach 2.png Digesting time 5G 10 p. 2 levels in El Stomacho's stomach completed... Indigestion!
RFR Ach 6.png Psyclops hunter 20G 30 p. 20 Psyclops killed... Lets bounce!
IMG 5451.png Dragon hunter 20G 50 p. 20 Inferno Dragons killed... It's burning!
RFR Ach 1.png First steps 5G 5 p. 100 m ran... Sunday jogger
RFR Ach 9.png Nightmare catcher 5G 5 p. Finish Nightmare mode
RFR Ach 8.png Candyman 5G 5 p. Candy land completed! So delicious.
RFR Ach 1.png First run 10G 10 p. 5 km ran... How are you Sport?
RFR Ach 1.png Jogging 15G 15 p. 10 km ran... Like a race horse!
RFR Ach 1.png Marathon 5G 20 p. 30 km ran... Athletic
RFR Ach 1.png Splash 5G 15 p. "Splash and Bounce" completed... To the Waterfront!
RFR Ach 7.png Loaded! 20G 50 p. 216 Skull coins picked up... Good fortune is on the way...