List of achievements in Rayman Classic

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Rayman Classic has support for achievements through GameCenter on iOS devices and Google Play Games on Android devices.

Icon Name Points


Classic 1.png Boxer 2 p. Unlock the telescopic fist
Classic 2.png Ascensionist 2 p. Unlock hanging
Classic 4.png Acrobat 2 p. Unlock the helicopter
Classic 3.png Climber 2 p. Unlock the grappling fist
Classic 5.png Runner 2 p. Unlock running
Classic 6.png Green Thumb 2 p. Unlock magic seed
Classic 7.png Skilled Acrobat 2 p. Unlock the super helicopter
Classic 8.png Small world 2 p. Become tiny!
Classic 9.png Shiny gift 2 p. Get Joe's firefly
Classic 10.png Lightning fast 2 p. Pick up 10 Speed Fists
Classic 11.png Strong as a bull 2 p. Pick up 10 Golden Fists
Classic 12.png Super Rayman 10 p. Unlock all the powers (potentially glitched on iOS)
Classic 13.png Soft hitter 1 p. Beat 50 enemies
Classic 14.png Hard hitter 2 p. Beat 100 enemies
Classic 15.png Fighter 5 p. Beat 500 enemies
Classic 16.png Challenger 10 p. Beat 1000 enemies
Classic 17.png Warrior 50 p. Beat 2000 enemies
Classic 18.png Perfect rescue 100 p. Free all the Electoons
Classic 19.png Bye bye Bzzit 10 p. Defeat Bzzit in Anguish Lagoon
Classic 20.png Stings 10 p. Defeat Moskito in the Moskito's Nest
Classic 21.png False note 10 p. Defeat Mr Sax in Mr Sax's Hullaballoo
Classic 22.png Gravel 10 p. Defeat Mr Stone in Mr Stone's Peaks
Classic 23.png Laser roll 10 p. Defeat Space Mama in Space Mama's Crater
Classic 24.png Chopped scorpion 10 p. Defeat Mr Skops in Mr Skops' Stalactites
Classic 25.png Rapscallion 10 p. Outwit Bad Rayman in the Candy Château
Classic 26.png Savior of the world 30 p. Defeat Mr Dark in the Candy Château
Classic 27.png Minimal rescue 5 p. Complete the Dream Forest with all the Electoons
Classic 28.png Pink Plant Woods 2 p. Complete Pink Plant Woods
Classic 29.png Swamps of Forgetfulness 2 p. Complete Swamps of Forgetfulness
Classic 30.png Minor rescue 5 p. Complete Band Land with all the Electoons
Classic 31.png Bongo Hills 2 p. Complete Bongo Hills
Classic 32.png Allegro Presto 2 p. Complete Allegro Presto
Classic 33.png Gong Heights 2 p. Complete Gong Heights
Classic 34.png Average rescue 10 p. Complete Blue Mountains with all the Electoons
Classic 35.png Twilight Gulch 2 p. Complete Twilight Gulch
Classic 36.png Hard Rocks 2 p. Complete the Hard Rocks
Classic 37.png Major rescue 10 p. Complete Picture City with all the Electoons
Classic 38.png Eraser Plains 2 p. Complete Eraser Plains
Classic 39.png Pencil Pentathlon 2 p. Complete Pencil Pentathlon
Classic 40.png Royal rescue 10 p. Complete the Caves of Skops with all the Electoons
Classic 41.png Crystal Palace 2 p. Complete Crystal Palace
Classic 42.png Diner is ready! 2 p. Complete Eat at Joe's
Classic 43.png Easy 30 p. Complete the game in easy difficulty
Classic 44.png Original 50 p. Complete the game in original difficulty
Classic 45.png Hard 100 p. Complete the game in hardcore difficulty
Classic 46.png Hobbyist 2 p. Collect 50 Tings
Classic 47.png Dealer 5 p. Collect 500 Tings
Classic 48.png Expert 10 p. Collect 1000 Tings
Classic 49.png Collector 50 p. Collect 2000 Tings
Classic 50.png Magician 5 p. Win 1 life thanks to the Magician
Classic 51.png Great magician 10 p. Win 10 lifes [sic] thanks to the Magician