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Image gallery

Hi there,

I do not approve of the use of image galleries except for artworks, as most snapshots are here to illustrate the articles, not to be featured in an appendix-like list of eye-excruciatingly small pictures. I would also like to remind you all that pictures from the original game have to be displayed in full-width (316 pixels for the PC version; 318 pixels for the PSX version), while it is heavily recommended to display those from the following games with a width of 320 pixels (half the standard resolution of 640×480).

I suggest we quickly revert the presentation of all the articles that do not follow these guidelines to its former state.

Hunchman801 18:03, 5 January 2011 (UTC)

Flying Ship driving

Shouldn't be mentioned in the last paragraph that Livingstones seem to know (and to build?) how to drive Flying Ships? These also seem to be a reference to the R2's Pirate Flying War-Ships and the R3's Hoodlum Zeppelins. Maybe the same thing could be done in Mr. Dark's page about his (apparent) Teensie appearance.

Or shall we wait for the game's release before including more information about what we have seen yesterday? --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 12:24, 7 June 2011 (UTC)