Anti-spell amulet

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The Anti-spell amulet in the event editor.

The Anti-spell amulet is an event which appears in the original Rayman, Rayman Designer and its spin-offs.


The Anti-spell amulet as it appears when hacking the original Rayman.

In the original Rayman it can be seen using the same sprite as the save icon on the world map through hacking the game. In the event editor of Rayman Designer it appears as a small yellow circle with the face of Betilla inside it. Her hat is sticking out on the top of the circle. During normal gameplay the Anti-spell amulet can't be seen by the player.

Role in the games

The Anti-spell amulet reverses any spells cast by Mr Dark upon touching it. It functions similarly to a gendoor, although it has a fixed size and can't be linked to other events. It appears twice in the original Rayman in the level Mr Dark's Dare where it first reverses the reversed controls spell and secondly the forced run spell.



  • Oddly enough this event appears in the enemy category. This is most likely due to its connection with other enemy events.

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