Henchman 1000

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Henchman 1000
Henchman 1000
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman M
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Portrayed by Joe Sheridan

Sex Male
Species Robo-Pirate
Status Competitor

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An older version of the robot pirate, more distinguished, but with the same values as Henchman 1: Win, waste others...
—Manual, Rayman M

The Henchman 1000 is a character that appears in Rayman M, Rayman Arena and their PlayStation port, Rayman Rush, as an unlockable playable character.


The English manual claims that the Henchman 1000 is an older version of the Henchman 800, however this is a mistranslation from the original French manual, which presents the 1000 model as a most perfected version of the 800 model.

The Henchman 1000 bears a number of differences in appearance with the Henchman 800, such as the fact that he has a hand instead of a hook, his colour scheme, his newspaper-boat hat and his ‘moustache’. Like the 800 model, he has a built-in jet pack which he uses to glide, and his left arm has a cannon. He also speaks with a Spanish accent.

The manual for the GameCube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena offers the following description of the Henchman 1000:

Profession: Big-Time Bad Guy.

Likes: Metal cages, military parades, and waxing his mustache.
Dislikes: Tight-fitting trousers, world peace, and long hair.

Address: Currently in retreat, far, far away from Rayman.