Boss Biditank

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Boss Biditank
Boss Biditank
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Revolution
Location Pirate Factory

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Resistance Three shots from the laser cannon
Attacks Electrical discharge, helicopter bombs, energy balls

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Species Robo-Pirate

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I'm going to take care of this pile of junk...
Rayman, before the fight with Boss Biditank, Rayman Revolution

Boss Biditank (Poubelus Agrovis), referred to as just Biditank by Bimbette, is a mechanical boss piloted by the Spyglass Pirate. It appears only in Rayman Revolution, where it is fought in the Pirate Factory.


The Boss Biditank is an experimental tank resembling a giant barrel or Barrel Pirate. The machine has three wheels and an eye-hole for the Spyglass Pirate to peer out from. Its primary attack is a cannon at the front of the machine, which fires a round of small shots (similar to those used by green Henchman 800s). Its sides also open up and release two helicopter bombs, but only when there are none chasing Rayman. At times, it shakes violently and releases electrical discharges; it is firing up a powerful laser beam that always hits unless Rayman is hiding behind something. Mounted on top of it is a mechanical eye, which is its only vulnerable spot, which can only be hit by the high-firepower laser gun at the back of the room.

In Rayman Revolution

The Boss Biditank was to be tested out on Bimbette, one of Globox's daughters, before Rayman arrives in the Pirate Factory and frees her from her cage. The Boss Biditank is quick to arrive, however, and is piloted by the Spyglass Pirate. To defeat the Biditank, Rayman must step on the four switches controlling the four generators at the four corners of the large room while avoiding the Biditank's attacks. Once the four generators have been activated, the laser turret at the back of the room becomes operational. While Rayman is using the turret, a door on the back of the Boss Biditank opens, and the Spyglass Pirate emerges. Rayman cannot harm him, either with the laser or his magic fist. If Rayman approaches the Spyglass Pirate or his Biditank, the Spyglass Pirate produces helicopter bombs and begins to throw them at him. If Rayman successfully hits the Boss Biditank's weak spot with the laser, the Biditank will be damaged, losing one third of its health. Rayman must return to the generators to power up the laser and use it again. It takes three hits to destroy the Boss Biditank, after which its wheels and weak point fall off. The Spyglass Pirate then runs out, declaring "I'll be back" as a ladder descends, allowing Rayman entry to the Lava Sanctuary and beneath it.

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