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Murfy Stamps are given to the player in Rayman 3 and Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge, they are used to rate the player's score in a level.

In Rayman 3

Murfy stamps can be seen in the summary screen for each level in the pause menu. Unless a certain score has been surpassed, a sad-faced stamp of Murfy will be seen; surpassing the set score will replace it with a happy-faced stamp of Murfy.


Level Score
The Fairy Council 20821
Clearleaf Forest 44501
The Bog of Murk 25901
The Land of the Livid Dead 58001
The Desert of the Knaaren 55501
The Longest Shortcut 26889
The Summit Beyond the Clouds 26701
Hoodlum Headquarters 43701
The Tower of the Leptys 48001

In Rayman: Hoodlums Revenge

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Murfy Stamps are items that are given to the player at the end of each level.