Rocky Peaks

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Rocky Peaks
Rocky Peaks
Rainy Forest Ancient Forest

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Rocky Peaks is the fourth world in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Its appearance was influenced by the original version's third and fifth worlds, the Blue Mountains and the Caves of Skops respectively. Rayman obtains the Super Helicopter for the duration of the third part of this world.

Part 1

There is one cage to found in this level which can't be obtained during the first visit. One life and a bonus level can be found in this level.

Rayman starts on a ledge in the middle of chasm. The bonus level can be accessed on a ledge above him, but this cannot be reached immediately. Instead, he must move right and jump onto a cloud. This cloud will push him upwards to reach a Ting above, and when it does another cloud will appear back at the start, which will allow Rayman to reach the bonus level. Above the bonus level is a vine that leads to a golden fist power up.

Continuing right from the start, Rayman crosses more ledges and clouds, at the far right he can find a life. Making his way to the ledge above the life, he will find a series of slippery, icy ledges leading left. He must traverse these carefully, this is made harder by a spiky ball that floats up and down between the second and third ledges. After this, he will come to a spiky pit, above which a stationary spiky ball hangs. Rayman must punch the ball and cause it to spin in a circle so he can get past it and reach the ledge above it. Heading right, he encounters a bouncing enemy made of fire. The enemy will bounce across the long ledge once left and once right, and then explode. At the far right of the ledge, Rayman must cross a spiky pit using a cloud, then jump two further clouds to reach another ledge.

Crossing the ledge, a further one that has ice on it, and avoiding a floating, spiky ball, Rayman crosses another spiky pit on a cloud to the left, and must activate a circular, spinning, spiky ball and then avoid it whilst traversing some small icy ledges. At the top he finds another cloud which he must right right. Some small, stationary spiky balls will appear as he goes and he must either duck or jump to avoid them. He eventually reaches a long, icy platform which he must slide along to reach a vine, and then jump some more clouds to reach a ledge that leads left.

Rayman must follow this ledge until he comes to another icy ledge, with a smaller icy ledge lying to the right, just below the larger one. If Rayman ignores this and continues right, he will come to a spiky pit with a flying ring above it. Once he has the grappling fist power he can return here and reach the level's cage. For now, he must drop to the smaller icy ledge and slide to the ground. After avoiding another fiery enemy, he comes to a cloud which will lead him over a pillar where he will find the exit sign.

Part 2

There is one cage and one life to found in this level.

Rayman begins on a ledge with a spiky ball moving upwards and downwards above him. He must move right to a cloud and ride it to the upper ledge. If he keeps going right, past the cloud he will come to a spiky pit that cannot be crossed at this point. After riding the cloud upwards he must jump past the spiky ball and slide across icy ledges until he reaches two vines, with a flying antitoon in between them. After avoiding or defeating the antitoon the obvious path will be to jump to another ledge, however he should first use his helicopter to reach a third vine below the ledge, jump to the next, and climb to the top. The level's cage will appear above him, though it cannot be reached just yet.

Returning to the second vine, Rayman can then jump to the ledge and carry on up and to the right. He can then pass along some icy ledges and reach a cloud which will lead him through a spiky tunnel to another series of ledges. If he continues left from here, he will be able to reach the level's cage. Once he has smashed it, he should make his way back and climb onto a ledge that has a stone man on it. From here he can go right to a vine and drop down from the bottom, which will lead him back to the start of the level. However, another cloud will now have appeared right of the first one, and he can ride this to a series of ledges below.

Following left, he will eventually find a drop which will lead to an icy slope and more vines. Continuing along a very windy path he will eventually return yet again to the start of the level, where another new cloud will take him to another platform. Dropping down from here, he will spot a Ting below him. If he makes his way down to this Ting he will cause the life to appear. Continuing to the icy slope above, he slides to a vine and then drops down to a ledge, dropping down further he will encounter a stone man hidden behind a wall with one small hole. Rayman can throw his fist through the hole to defeat the enemy, however this is tricky and it is easier to simply move left away from the monster.

To his left he will find two mobile, small, spiky balls and beyond them a vine. Climbing down the vine, he must jump across several icy ledges to eventually reach a cloud which will take him left along the very bottom of the map. There will be several collections of spikes there which he must jump over. Eventually he will reach another series of ledges and a vine which he can climb, doing so will lead to another cloud which will take him back to the start of the level.

This time, there will be a series of clouds over the spiky pit to the right, and Rayman can cross to the other side. Here he will find another antitoon and more icy platforms. He must jump to the highest one and slide all the way to the right, and then to the left. He will then be able to access a higher ledge and, if he overcomes spikes, a spiky ball, and antitoon and a stone man he can reach the exit sign.

Part 3

At the start of this level, Rayman eats a weird plant that temporarily enhances his helicopter into Super Helicopter. As a result, this is the first of three levels where he can use the Super Helicopter. Parts of this level appear very similar to the first stage of Mr Stone's Peaks in the original version. As that was also set in a mountain and the first time Rayman could use Super Helicopter this is likely not a coincidence. There are two cages and two lives to found in this level. One bonus level can be found in this level.

After flying inbetween a series of icy ledges with antitoons on them, and spikes both below and above, Rayman can attain a golden fist in the top right hand corner. He can then continue to navigate spiky tunnels and flying spiky balls until he comes to a crossroads, where a left can be taken to attain the first Life.

Travelling right, Rayman navigates more spikes and spiky balls until he eventually finds the second Life at the top far right of the level. He must then fly downwards, past more obstacles, until eventually passing through a narrow passage and flying left. As he travels left, he will find four passages leading upwards, the first three with Tings at the top of them, and the final blocked with several static spiky balls. Entering the first three passages will clear the entrance to the fourth, at the top of which Rayman will find the first of the level's cages.

Continuing left, Rayman will eventually find another passage leading upwards, where he can access the bonus level. Continuing left once more he will find a moving cloud that will carry him to the level's second cage. He must then continue left and upwards where he will find himself chased by another spiky ball. If he can outfly it, he will come to the level's exit.

Part 4

There are two cages to found in this level, of which one can't be obtained during the first visit. Two lives can be found in this level.

The level begins on a icy slope, Rayman must slide along it to reach a rocky ledge. From here, he can either go left or right, but right will lead him to a dead end for now. Left will take him upwards across two more icy ledges, leading him to a cloud travelling upwards. This will bring him to another icy slope which he must slide down and then cross two vines. When he reaches the second vine a moving cloud will appear beneath the ledge he has just left. If Rayman backtracks and takes it, it will lead him to a Ting and cause another cloud to appear above the vines which will allow access to the first Life.

Dropping back down to the vines and continuing right, Rayman must cross some spikes using falling platforms, and overcome a stone man, before making his way across a number of other platforms, slopes, and spiky pits, eventually veering upwards and climbing another vine leading to another crossroads. Left will lead him to a heart which will cause a cloud to appear below the most recent vine, leading to the second Life, whilst right will bring him into contact with another stone man and a cloud, which he must ride left whilst avoiding spiky balls before coming to a ledge with an antitoon on it. Continuing left, he will pass the level's first cage below him and have the opportunity to drop down and reach it, but not until he has obtained the grappling fist.

Further left, Rayman encounters more spiky balls, slippery slopes, and can obtain a golden fist at the far top left of the level. Dropping down from here, he will return to the start of the level and can this time go right, following some Tings downwards between one set of ledges to reach a newly appeared cloud leading to the level's exit, or using another new cloud to the far right leading to the level's second cage.

Once Rayman completes this level, the Tings will award him the grappling fist, allowing him to swing from the flying rings.

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