Shielded Hoodboom

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Shielded Hoodboom
Shielded Hoodboom
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Location Hoodlum Hideout

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Resistance 1 HP (wooden shield version)

2 HP (metal shield version)

Attacks Plum juice jug throw

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Species Hoodlum

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Shielded Hoodbooms are a variation of Hoodbooms found only in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, specifically in Hoodlum Hideout.

They wear an outfit very similar to that of the Grim Keepers, though with distinctive Hoodbooms' heads. They have a notable string of plum juice jugs around their bodies, as Hoodbooms do. They are much weaker than their regular counterparts, which is counterbalanced by the massive shields they carry around, made out of either wood or metal. When they are defeated, they seemingly melt into the ground.

Wooden shields

The weakest variety of shielded Hoodboom can only be found in the first part of Hoodlum Hideout. They carry flimsy, wooden shields that, unlike Grim Keepers', can be destroyed in two punches. Once the shield is destroyed, the hapless Hoodlum carries on throwing jugs of plum juice. With his shield gone, he needs only one hit to be defeated. There are only four of these in the game and are usually the first Hoodlums Rayman has to fight.

Metal shields

The most powerful variant of shielded Hoodboom can be found in the second part of Hoodlum Hideout. They carry reinforced metal shields that Rayman cannot destroy, and wear bright orange instead of red and green. As they block all of Rayman's shots, a different approach is needed; Rayman must shoot the lower part of the Hoodlum's torso to make it stop blocking its head or to hit the head first, attacking its torso when it is visible. Rayman must hit the Hoodlum twice anywhere in order for it to be defeated. There are only four of these in the whole game.

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