Hoodlum Hideout

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Hoodlum Hideout
Hoodlum Hideout
Mega Havoc 1 Magma Mayhem
Forgotten Forests

Lums 70 Cages 4

Hoodlum Hideout is the sixth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3. While most of the levels in this game reminisce those in Rayman 2, this one is more reminiscent to Clearleaf Forest in Rayman 3. It introduces the player to switches, and as the level's name suggests, also introduces Hoodlums, though they do not appear as frequently as Pirates. It is found in the Forgotten Forests on the World Map.


Phase 1

High up in a deep windy forest, Rayman makes his way to the Hoodlums' hideout. There are many pits here, which have to be crossed by hanging on to the flying hooks and bouncing on trampolines. He will shortly encounter the first Hoodlum, which is similar to the Grim Keeper. Later he will encounter a Hoodlum much like the Hoodstormer, which swoops down when the victim leasts expects it. There are 35 Yellow Lums and 2 cages here. Both cages can be broken, but Rayman will have to backtrack if he is to collect all 35 Lums.

Phase 2

Here, Rayman first encounters a Hoodlum similar to the Grim Keeper-like Hoodlum he encountered earlier, only this time it has a metal shield. He also encounters an armoured Slapdash that carries a stick with a glove at the end to use as a weapon and a shield, so Rayman will have to attack it behind its back. Switches also make their first appearance here, all of which are guarded by the metal shielded Hoodlums. Both the 35 Yellow Lums and the 2 cages can be reached in this phase.

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