Wicked Flow

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Wicked Flow
Wicked Flow
Wretched Ruins Mega Havoc 3

Lums 50 Cages 4

Wicked Flow is the twentieth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the sixth level of the Magmacosm world. This level is very similar to the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava; Rayman must ride nenuphars through lava-filled tunnels, while fighting off nettles, helicopter bombs, Zombie Chickens, Black Lums and Henchmen 800.


Phase 1

There are two cages and 20 Yellow Lums to be found in this phase.

Phase 2

This phase contains one cage and 15 Yellow Lums. Rayman again rides nenuphars, but these ones have flammable tails and can be burned, making the level more difficult. Rayman faces the same enemies as in the previous stage.

Phase 3

There is one cage and 15 Yellow Lums to find in this phase. This phase is similar to the first two, but features many more obstacles and enemies, including caterpillars.

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