Razor Slide

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Razor Slide
Razor Slide
Magma Mayhem 2 Ly's Punch Challenge 2
Pirate Stronghold

Lums 55 Cages 4

Razor Slide is the twenty-seventh level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the fifth level of the Pirate Stronghold world.

The level is preceded by a cinematic, in which red Henchmen discover Rayman's presence in the Pirate Stronghold and warn Razorbeard about it, who orders them to let him take care of Rayman himself.


Phase 1

This phase contains two cages and 25 yellow Lums. Rayman must progress in the level by means of sliding slopes covered with a yellow substance, purple Lums, fences, and platforms with a cannonball tied below them that fall into the void shortly after Rayman sets foot on them. Several Hoodlum helicopter bombs and armoured doors stand in Rayman's way. A purple Lum flying over a long sliding slope allows him to reach three yellow Lums and a cage. In a particular place, the hero fights the last Henchman of the game, who is a blue Henchman. A cage can be found above the platform he guards.

Phase 2

This phase contains two cages and 30 yellow Lums. At the beginning of the level, a yellow Lum that can be missed easily sits behind Rayman. In addition to the obstacles from the previous phase, Rayman must now pass tricky areas involving hitting switches while up in the air so as to open doors before falling into pits. To the left of the first fence seen in the level is a purple Lum that allows him to reach three yellow Lums. Below three Hoodlum helicopter bombs, a regular helicopter bomb must be destroyed to reach a yellow Lum and a cage. To the left of the third fence of the phase sit three yellow Lums.


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