The Underlands

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The Underlands
The Underlands
River of Fire Boulder Brink

Lums 55 Cages 4

The Underlands is the sixteenth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the second level of the Magmacosm world. Rayman gains the Super Helicopter ability and uses it to travel through tunnels of spikes and lava, while avoiding Black Lums, Zombie Chickens and helicopter bombs. This level is akin to the first part of Mr Stone's Peaks in the original Rayman, as well as Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava in Rayman 2.


Phase 1

Rayman will begin this stage by standing in front of a switch, which when turned on will reveal a large Blue Lum - unlike regular Blue Lums, these ones will allow him to fly for as long as he wants. There are two cages and 25 Yellow Lums to be found in this phase, all of which can be collected at once. However, this area is a vast, prickly maze full of dead ends that teem with Zombie Chickens and both kinds of helicopter bombs. Rayman will also encounter Green Henchmen, which are slightly more resistant than their previous counterparts, along the way.

Phase 2

This phase contains two cages and 30 Yellow Lums.

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