Mega Havoc 3

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Mega Havoc 3
Mega Havoc 3
Wicked Flow Creeping Chaos

Lums 20 Cages 0

Mega Havoc 3 is the twenty-first level of the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and is one of the game's optional bonus levels. It is found in the Magmacosm, the third of the game's four worlds.


Mega Havoc 3 takes place in an environment similar to that of River of Fire. As in the other Mega Havoc levels, there is only one stage, containing 20 Yellow Lums and no cages. Rayman must cross lakes of lava with the use of plums, and use Blue Lums to fly through otherwise impassable passageways. He must avoid obstacles such the indestructible metal helicopter bombs while using his telescopic fist to destroy the normal ones, thus clearing new passages.

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