Mega Havoc 1

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Mega Havoc 1
Mega Havoc 1
Garish Gears Hoodlum Hideout
Forgotten Forests

Lums 20 Cages 0

Mega Havoc 1 is the fifth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and is one of the game's optional bonus levels. It is found in the Forgotten Forests. In order to unlock it, Rayman must collect every single Yellow Lum there is to find in the Forgotten Forests. Once he does, Murfy will appear to tell him that he has unlocked the level.


The level takes place in an environment similar to that of Hoodlum Hideout and Prickly Passage. Like the other Mega Havoc levels, there is only one stage, and its obstacles consist mostly of helicopter bombs (as well as their spiked metal counterparts) which Rayman must avoid. He must also cross a number of nenuphars which burn like the ones in Wicked Flow. There are 20 Yellow Lums here to collect; as this is a bonus level, there are no cages to be found.

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