Ly's Punch Challenge 2

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Ly's Punch Challenge 2
Ly's Punch Challenge 2
Razor Slide Heart of the Ancients
Pirate Stronghold

Lums 0 Cages 0

Ly's Punch Challenge 2, renamed Ly's Punch Challenge 2 in the N-Gage version, is the twenty-eighth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and is one of the game's optional bonus levels. It is found in Pirate Stronghold, the last of the game's four worlds.


Rayman must punch pivot boards to catapult himself upwards and jump on balloons in order to get to the top of the level before time runs out. This level doesn't contain any yellow Lums or cages, only red Luma and one silver Lum waiting at the end. When it is completed, a new multiplayer level will unlock.

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