Swamp of Bégoniax

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Swamp of Bégoniax
Swamp of Bégoniax
Shining Glade Garish Gears
Forgotten Forests

Lums 50 Cages 0

Swamp of Bégoniax is the third level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3 and the first water-ski level in the game. Similar to the Marshes of Awakening from Rayman 2 and sharing some resemblance to the Bog of Murk in other versions of Rayman 3, it is where Rayman meets Ssssam the snake once again and water-skis through the swamps with him. It is found in the Forgotten Forests on the World Map. This level is replaced by Ascension in the N-Gage port of the game.


Rayman starts water-skiing with Ssssam straight away through a vast body of murky waters littered with helicopter bombs – hitting these will cause Rayman to lose his grip on Ssssam's scarf and drown in the swamp water – while dodging the earth on both sides of the water and jumping over any sand banks that happen to be in the way. All 50 Yellow Lums are found and can be obtained here at once without backtracking, though there are no cages at all.

A butte
A pumpkin

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