Vertigo Wastes

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Vertigo Wastes
Vertigo Wastes
Magma Mayhem Void of Bones
Haunted Dreams

Lums 45 Cages 4

Vertigo Wastes is the eighth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3. Recalling the Echoing Caves from Rayman 2, Rayman will have to turn on four switches to pass one stage, and then use kegs as a means of travel through many obstacles and pits. It is found in Haunted Dreams on the World Map.


Phase 1

Set high up in a derelict canyon, four switches turn off by themselves, and Rayman has to turn them all back on again in order to open the gate and proceed. Along the way he will encounter grey pirates that are more resistant than their red counterparts, and jump to try and avoid his shots. He also comes across walking shells for the first time in this game, though these ones cannot be tamed and will head straight for him to and attack. There are 20 Yellow Lums and 2 cages here. Both cages can be broken, but Rayman will have to backtrack this area in order to collect all the Lums, as he will need the Body Shot power to break a fragile wooden bridge.

Phase 2

This area is a lot stormier than before, raising the difficulty. Rayman comes across kegs again, but this time, he has to ignite one and hold onto it to cross pits teeming with wooden posts to dodge (hitting anything while airborne will cause instant death), until the keg drops him and he automatically uses the helicopter to land safely. Some paths are covered in slippery green toxic slime that Rayman will slide on. In total, he uses three kegs to get to the end of the level. Again, both cages can be broken at once.

Once Rayman passes this stage, Ly the Fairy will appear once again to give him the power to scale between two walls. While she gives good news about Globox being spotted in the Haunted Dreams, she also warns that Jano, the guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams in Rayman 2, has sided with Razorbeard and the Dark Lum.

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