Jano's Nest

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Jano's Nest
Jano's Nest
Void of Bones Mega Havoc 2
Haunted Dreams

Lums 0 Cages 0

Jano's Nest is the tenth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3 and is the second area to contain a boss - Jano, the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams in Rayman 2, who has sided with Razorbeard and the Dark Lum. It is found in Haunted Dreams on the World Map.


Once again, Jano cannot be harmed in this battle, but he can attack, this time using his skull headed wand to shoot fire at Rayman rather than breathing it. He also summons skulls which like in previous levels, need to be punched with Rayman's fist to stop them moving and then stand on them. Rayman has to use this strategy to cross three vast pits, the final one being crossed with a moving skull, until Jano eventually gives up. Rayman then demands Jano to tell him the whereabouts of the Dark Lum, and finally the Guardian answers that it has travelled with Razorbeard to Magmacosm.

As this is a boss stage, there are no Yellow Lums or cages here.

Despite the fact that this place is the nest of Jano, no Mini Jano are encountered here.

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