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The Xowar, also known as the Xovar, is a species of gigantic gorilla-like creature from Rayman 3. In all its appearances it has a distinctive tusk protruding from the right side of its lower jaw.

The Xowar was planned to be the boss of Clearleaf Forest, and Rayman would have escaped the battle during a race/chase (viewed from the front), while doing his best to avoid certain obstacles (similar to the idea of the fight with Foutch in Rayman 2), but its size made it too difficult for the programmers to work with, so it was replaced by Master Kaag. Another reason for dropping the Xowar was because there was nothing in the game story to justify a pursuit.

In the loading screen of Rayman 3 and for the PC demo version, a Xowar is partially shown, lining up with various Hoodlums for a police mugshot.

According to an examination of the files on the Rayman 3 disc, a Xowar minigame was once planned for inclusion in the game. The premise of the minigame was that the Xowar is the kindest of creatures, and that it takes pity on Rayman due to the fact that he has no limbs. Convinced of Rayman's suffering, the Xowar chases him in an attempt to kill him and put him out of his supposed misery. The player would presumably have controlled Rayman as he fled from the Xowar. The Xowar minigame's description is similar to that of the scrapped Xowar boss fight in the Clearleaf Forest, making it seem likely that the minigame was a recycled version of the fight. It is not known why the minigame was omitted from the final version of the game; the Xowar was initially removed as a boss because he was too large for the programmers to work with, and the minigame may have been removed for similar technical reasons.

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Rayman in the Hall of Doors.

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The Glade of Dreams is up in arms again! This idyllic world, where there is usually little more to do than eat, sleep, play (and enjoy a friendly fray or two among friends), is up to its eyeballs in trouble.

It seems Rayman and his heroic gang of hilarious misfits have kicked off a war with just a little snoring! Their nightmarish neighbors from the Land of the Livid Dead don't seem to share the same taste in music and have come to crash the party!

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Rayman and his friends are more than happy to knock these nasty killjoys back to oblivion, especially since it involves saving nymphs, making mischief, and earning fantastic new powers to make even more mischief. And this won't be the first time!

As it turns out, the fun-loving Creator of the Glade, known as Bubble Dreamer, is a highly sensitive being whose every mood impacts the Glade for good or bad... Rayman has had to beat back the of Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares before, and that’s what he, Globox, and the crafty Teensy casters are going to do again before the fabric of the Glade falls to pieces and their entire world fades like a bad dream.

—Manual, Rayman Origins

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