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Razorbeard, acting as my avatar for this page. "What do you mean you have one last surprise for me?"

Shrooblord's User Page

Welcome! You have stumbled upon my user page. Here I will tell you some information about my upcoming projects, my finished ones, and perhaps later, how to contact me. At the bottom is a set of images I like or I have made.

Chrysalis Studios

Chrysalis Studios is the name I use for publishing stuff like animations, games, etc. However, because I have yet to do so, the information on this page is due to be updated. Stand by...


Rayman 4: RR (working title)

Rayman 4: RR is an uncompleted fangame being made by me. I do not wish to publish any information as of yet, except the announcement that this game will be coming - and that art and a synopsis will come soon. Stand by...

Meanwhile, here's a small update for you! The main theme for this game will be split into several variations of itself: one regular, chirpy one, one sad, one retro, and one 'adventurous'. Said adventurous theme has already been made in its entirety, because I am planning to use it for my Music Class 'Masterpiece project'. Here's a sneak-a-peek-listen of a song you will definitely hear in the game:


Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Rayman 4: RR

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