Dual Swordsman Ninja

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Dual Swordsman Ninja
Dual Swordsman Ninja
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Adventures
Location Wild, Wild East

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact, mid-air spin attack

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Species Ninja

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The Dual Swordsman Ninja is one of the enemies introduced in Wild, Wild East and is a new type of enemy that debuts in Rayman Adventures. They are creatures that wield two scimitars. Their attacks are unique like any other enemy. They jump and do a mid-air spin attack which consists of them having their scimitars out while the rest of their bodies are spinning. This attack is strong enough to not only hurt and bubblize the player, but also other enemies who happen to get in the way. They have the ability to cling and jump from walls. Dual Swordsman Ninjas happen to be exclusive enemies to only one level in Wild, Wild East. They don't appear anywhere else in the game so far.


Dual Swordsman Ninjas are small, red, demon-like humanoid creatures. They have pointed ears, a dark brown blindfold covering their eyes, and strands of hair coming out of their chins. They wear a yellow-orange toga-like clothing with striped pants. The bottom of their legs are taped up and wear brown shoes. Dual Swordsman Ninjas wield two scimitars that have curved blades and golden handles.

They are the same size as Minotaurs and have the same body type as them. Dual Swordsman Ninjas share this with their other Ninja brethren, Swordsman Ninja and Hatman Ninja.