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I noticed that the worlds articles are separate from their Legend's incarnations, do we really need them to be? --Sig5 2TEST.png 20:01, 23 November 2016 (UTC)

Maybe not, but I thought it was the easiest way to do it since Sea of Serendipity is nothing like the Origins world with the same name and not really like the Legends world 20.000 Lums under the sea. Medieval Mayhem is pretty much identical to Teensies in Trouble, so it would seem kind of odd for it to have its own article while other worlds like Olympus Maximus and Toad Story were part of the Legends ones. If you however think it's better for them to be part of the Legends articles we can change it, but I at least think Sea of Serendipity should have its own article for Adventures. It's like how The Land of the Livid Dead has separate articles for each game. --Carrot-master (talk) 20:19, 23 November 2016 (UTC)
A fair point, bear in mind however that we've kept the same LOTLD article for all UbiArt era games. With that in mind, I think we should apply the same for Adventure's locations where they are the same. In cases like the Sea of Serendipity, I think it might be best to keep it separate, but note how it relates to the original and 20000 Leagues. --Sig5 2TEST.png 23:58, 23 November 2016 (UTC)
So we should have Toad Story and Olympus Maximus all be part of the Legends articles, while keeping Sea of the Serendipity and Wild, Wild East separate? How about Medieval Mayhem then? It's basically Teensies in Trouble, but with a different name.
I'm also starting to wonder if it's best having some of the text in this article be in a separate one to not have it be so long. Maybe a separate page for the achievements and updates would be a good idea?

Slimming down

I moved the events, achievements and updates to separate pages as I thought this article was getting a big to long. Is everyone fine with this change? I also expanded the Adventures template to include these pages now, as well as more characters. --Carrot-master (talk) 16:06, 12 December 2016 (UTC)

The title needs to be altered

RibShark did a discovery today of other obscure R2-generation element that nobody knew about it up to this date and it is very likely to be a "prototype" of what it would later become the Rayman Animated Series that we know today. The teaser can be seen in this link: I am taking care of the initial version of the page concerning this and given that it shares the same name as this game it is necessary to either move or edit the title, things I can't do myself. --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 22:08, 25 December 2018 (CET)

I don't think we should edit the title for this page as this is the only known release named Rayman Adventures. Like, we don't call the Rayman Raving Rabbids page for Rayman Raving Rabbids (Console) when there are mobile or handheld versions of the article. --Carrot signature.png 23:04, 25 December 2018 (CET)
Fair point. Let it be! --Sparkle.gifHarukaSparkle.gif 23:13, 25 December 2018 (CET)