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Welcome to my little spot on the Wiki.

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My personal experiments and to do list

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RayWiki Adminship

As of June 21st 2014, I'm now an Admin on the English RayWiki, as such, I'll be watching you! Feel free to ask any questions or log any concerns to me, either via the forums or my talk page. Hopefully, we'll be able to make RayWiki an even greater facility still, but my edits are only a small slice of the whole cake, so to speak. We need editors from all over, so please, do join in!

Heh, how time flies. I'm retired dear reader.

History of the Fan

As a young fellow, I once came across the first Rayman game during a trip to a cousins house in London, at that young age, I had played video games, but never one which originated as a video game and not elsewhere, the first game may have been the toughest game I've played, but it got me, and I've loved the series since.

Later on, I got the PS1 version of Rayman 2 as a gift from an aunt, it might not have been the best version of the game, but it still held as much an effect as any other version of Rayman 2 did, it still ranks today as one of my most favourite games and is the title I consider the best in the series, many series struggled to make the jump to 3D, Rayman did it spectacularly.

I got my mitts on a PS2, one of the games I got with it, was Rayman 3, often considered to be one of the wackier titles in the series. It approached the series much differently than Rayman 2, with a different flavour of humour and dialogue, it also included a scoring system, and the Hall of Fame for it is hosted on the community portal, where you can see that I've registered on.

Of course, I also saw the change from the original Rayman Raving Rabbids to its final product, I was disillusioned, and was further more when the sequels came out, but, in 2010, a trailer showcasing Rayman's return was shown...

This turned out to be Rayman Origins, which brought Rayman to a new age, of course, some elements are different, and these differences...well, some I don't mind, but others, I'm not keen on, either way, the series returned, and now, we have Rayman Legends.

Second great Rayman drought sucks tho.

My Stance on the Rabbids

I might not like their humour, but I'm over the Rabbids for the most part. Still would rather they not cross over with Rayman now, but no biggie. Mario+Rabbids is awesome.

Rayman games I've owned

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