Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

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Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Paris

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Release date United States of America(USA).png 18th November, 2008

European Union.png 20th November, 2008

Genre Party
Gameplay mode Single player/Multi-player
Platforms Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, mobile phone
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Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (known as Rayman Prod' Présente : The Lapins Crétins Show in France) is the third game in the Rayman Raving Rabbids spin-off series, and the final game in the series to feature Rayman. It is followed by Rabbids Go Home in 2009 and Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time in 2010.


The game was officially announced on May 28, 2008 via the Ubidays conference in which two of the minigames were demonstrated by Ubisoft representatives and UK TV presenter Vernon Kay. Following this, several artworks depicting the Rabbids parodying films, TV shows and celebrities (e.g. football players) were revealed on the official Rabbids website, and recently official gameplay trailers were released.


Deep in the forest, Rayman is running away from a small group of Rabbids that had appeared from his broken TV in the previous game. For a few moments, they are distracted by a bolt of lightning, but quickly resume their pursuit. Rayman takes refuge in a small house at the edge of the forest (presumably his), while the Rabbids are then struck by the lightning, and travel into a TV set indoors, where they scream and mess around, making Rayman try to turn it off, but to no avail.

The next day, Rayman is washing the dishes, polishing the windows and vacuuming the house, tired from having had a sleepless night of the Rabbids in the TV annoying him. As they go on and on, Rayman gets restless enough to where he unplugs the TV. At first, it works, but the TV switches back on and the Rabbids continue their messing around. In his anger, Rayman slams the TV, making the corner of the screen start cracking.

The night after, Rayman is lying on the sofa with a headache and a hot water bottle on his head, and one of the Rabbids are continuously brightening and dimming the TV. Rayman throws the hot water bottle at the TV, making more cracks appear.

On day four, Rayman is lying and the sofa with a cushion over his head, as one of the Rabbids makes a continuous scream while he keeps changing the volume level. Rayman uses duct tape to wrap around the TV Rabbid's mouth and the volume control, but the Rabbid continues screaming until the TV starts bloating up and the duct tape flies off onto Rayman. Rayman chucks the TV out the window, and it lands in the field outside.

The moles that live underneath the field struggle to spend a day of putting up with the screaming TV Rabbids. Rayman wakes up from having had a peaceful day when he hears a knock on the door. When the opens the door, he is shocked to see the moles throwing the TV back into his house.

The next day, Rayman is reading the newspaper, the TV lying on the floor behind him. It suddenly turns on again, with the screaming Rabbids. Rayman throws the TV into the toilet, and slams the toilet door closed.

The Rabbids are using a hook to pull the toilet lever the following day, continuously flushing the toilet while the Rabbids laugh mischievously. Rayman opens the door to see what all the noise is about, shocked to see what the Rabbids are doing. He puts the TV in the sink and fills the sink up with water, but as he walks away the Rabbids the Rabbids start gurgling extremely loud, making the pipes start bloating up and the house starting to shake.

That following night, Rayman is enjoying a game of Rugby, but the Rabbids keep interrupting it. Rayman loses his temper, disattaches his foot and throws it at the TV. The TV finally breaks, releasing the Rabbids inside who chase Rayman out of the house. They accidentally switch the vacuum on as they pass it, and one of the Rabbids stays behind and watches it in wonder and interest. Playing around with it, he accidentally gets the sucker attached to his ears. He then decides to stay in the house and make himself at home.


The setting is the TV station the Rabbids have gotten into. From there, Rabbids can be customized with clothes unlocked in story mode. The player can play unlocked games in training mode, and play with friends in party mode.


There are three modes in this game: story mode, party mode, and training mode. Story mode is where the player can experience what the Rabbids did in an entire week with the television station. Party mode is for having a multiplayer game for up to eight players. Training mode is the collection of games played in both party and story mode. The game uses a channel system to play games. On each section chosen, it shows what shows are on in the time slot. When one game is completed, it is saved. Whenever the player goes to the slot, they can only replay that game. Beating Rayman's score will win an accessory for the Pimp My Rabbid minigame. Among some shows, there are microgames based on TV advertisements. Beating those games gives a bonus for the minigame played, such as getting more points.

This is first game in the Rabbids series as a whole to optionally use the Wii Balance Board.


X-Tam Sports

Trash TV

Cult Movies

Raving Channel

Macho TV

Groove On

  • Ladies' Night (Kool and the Gang)7am-9am
  • Toxic (Britney Spears) 9am-12pm
  • You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse) 12pm-2pm
  • Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (Tavares) 2pm-4pm
  • Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf) 4pm-6pm
  • Another One Bites The Dust (Queen) 6pm-8pm
  • Open Book (The Rakes) 8pm-10pm

Shake It TV

  • Jungle Boogie (Kool and the Gang) 7am-9am
  • ABC (Jackson Five) 9am-12pm
  • Soul Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones)12pm-2pm
  • Trick Me (Kelis) 2pm-4pm
  • Le Freak (Chic) 4pm-6pm
  • Acceptable in the 80's (Calvin Harris) 6pm-8pm
  • Wake Me Up (Wham!) 8pm-10pm

No Brainer Channel

Internet connection

At the end of a minigame in story mode, there is a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection icon. If the player has an internet connection with the Wii, they can send their score over to www.ravingrabbids-tvparty.com. The top 3 players in the world are listed in each minigame section. The player can also do the Pimp My Rabbid contest. Each week there is a new theme. The player can send it to the website listed above and see what the other Rabbids are dressed up as. The winner is announced after one week of voting. Since an unknown date, this feature no longer works.

Mobile phone version

Mobile version

The game also has got a mobile version, designed by Gameloft. This version contains twelve mini-games and sixteen Rabbid characters to unlock. The main goal of the minigames is to collect as most golden carrots as possible and holding most time as possible in order to achieve score records. Each new minigame and new Rabbid characters need fifty golden carrots to unlock.

The following list corresponds to the existent minigames in the mobile phone version:

  • Band of Rabbids
  • Rabbid of Persia
  • Wild Wild Rabbid
  • Rabbid on the Moon
  • Croc Rider
  • Supersize Rabbid
  • Rabbid Jones
  • Independence Rabbid
  • Eye of the Rabbid
  • Seven Seas Rabbids
  • Rabbid Trek
  • Rabbid Tower

The following list corresponds to the playable characters in the mobile phone version:

  • Rabbid One
  • Crazy Rabbid
  • Sexy Rabbid
  • Splinter Rabbid
  • Ghost Recon Rabbid
  • Creed Rabbid
  • Professor Rabbid
  • Pirate Rabbid
  • Grandpa Rabbid
  • Ninja Rabbid
  • BIA Rabbid
  • Persian Rabbid
  • Disco Rabbid
  • Chef Rabbid
  • Police Rabbid
  • Maid Rabbid


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