Rayman 1 & Rayman 2 Double Pack

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Rayman 1 & Rayman 2 Double Pack
Published by Ubi Soft Entertainment
Developed by Ubi Soft Montpellier

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Release date 22th November 2002 (UK), 20th December 2002 (AU)
Genre 2D and 3D Platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Sony PlayStation
Ratings 3+ (PEGI), G (ACB)
Distribution media CD-ROM
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The Rayman 1 & Rayman 2 Double Pack is a compilation of two major titles in the Rayman games released for the Sony PlayStation: Rayman and Rayman 2. It was only released in United Kingdom and Australia in PAL format.


This release contains two PlayStation discs - of which they do not contain the same artwork as the discs from their previous counterparts, but rather plain white cover with only the titles and appropriate logos. The manual is a small booklet made from condensed content from that of the originals as well, and unlike the majority of other PlayStation games in general, it is only in English. Also unlike most of the PlayStation library, its spine is white with black text as opposed to black with white text for normal releases, and silver with black text for Platinum releases.