Rayman 60 Levels

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Rayman 60 Levels
Published by Ludimedia
Developed by Ubisoft

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Release date 1999
Genre 2D Side-Scrolling platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms MS-DOS
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Rayman 60 Levels is the third and final collection of levels that expand upon the original Rayman game. It was originally released in 1999 in the pack Rayman Collector, and was later released in Rayman 100 Levels, Rayman Compilation, and as a standalone title in Germany (as Rayman Forever) alongside the Making of Rayman 2 and three mini-games.


Rayman 60 Levels includes 60 levels (10 for each world), all of which were created by Ubisoft with Rayman Designer's Mapper and Event Editor. Each level is assigned a difficulty level: Very Easy, Easy, Medium Easy, Medium, Medium Hard, Hard and Very Hard. The main goal is to finish every level by reaching the exit sign, as in the original Rayman game. Unlike in Rayman Designer and Rayman By His Fans, the player doesn't need to collect all the Tings in a given level in order to make the exit sign appear, however doing so will still cause the victory sample to play.

Missing Tings

The main difference from Rayman 60 Levels compared with Rayman Designer and Rayman By His Fans is the player not being forced to collect all the Tings in order to make the exit sign appear. Even if there are missing tings, any the player can finish the level by touching the exit sign that is already visible in the end of the map (it is sometimes required to touch a gendoor before it becomes visible).

However, there are levels in the game that have missing Tings. However, there are only 3 of these Tings, these made the gameplay change, presumable this is why the player is not forced to collect all of the Tings.

There are missing Tings in these following maps:

  • Jungle World - Map 10

2 Tings are missing, they are both "inside" the huge platform at the start of the level.

  • Music World - Map 1

1 Ting is missing, it is on the right side of the bongo, which is above the starting point.

Notable glitch

In the tenth map of the Cave World there are leftover instant win collision tiles placed at a point in the level causing the level to prematurely end. According to feedback from YouTube users however, some players actually did complete the level without this glitch happening and have collected all Tings including the two presumed to be actually missing from the map (which can actually be reached using the Super Helicopter power-up that can be obtained later).


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