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Rayman By His Fans
Rayman By His Fans.jpg
Published by Ludimedia (?)
Developed by Ubisoft

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Release date 1997 (?)
Genre 2D Platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms MS-DOS (Windows)
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Rayman By His Fans, is a collection of fan-made levels that was bundled in several English Rayman packs for PC, including Rayman Forever, Rayman Collector and Rayman 100 Levels. It is essentially an expansion of the original Rayman game.

About the game

Ubi Soft opened a contest for Rayman Designer players to upload their custom levels to the UbiOnline server. The winners would then have their levels included in the Rayman By His Fans bundle.


The game includes levels created by worldwide Rayman Designer players and selected by Ubisoft. The main goal of each level is to reach the exit sign at the end of the level. As in Rayman Designer, the player must collect all the Tings in a given level in order to make its exit sign appear. A lot of the levels in each world look alike in terms of tile design, with the event placements being the main difference.


  • The O Pond
  • Good Pickin'
  • The Living Forest
  • The enchanted forest
  • In the thick of things
  • Water Lily Way
  • Lost in the Jungle


  • The Magic Flutes
  • A Symphony of Drums
  • A trumpet fanfare
  • Musical Rambles
  • The Wrong Note


  • Watch out for the peaks
  • The Illuminated Heights
  • The Blue Mountain
  • Ting Mountain
  • Heart of the Mountain
  • An avalanche of tings
  • Hell mountain
  • Slides and Spikes
  • Danger at the top
  • Sliders, Away!


  • The Forgotten Pencils
  • Tangled up in Colors
  • Rubbers !
  • The drawing lesson
  • Punaise !
  • Don't Despair
  • High Flyer


  • Meandering Peaks
  • Ting Fishin'
  • Up, up and away!
  • A Cave full of Surprises
  • The Forbidden Valley


  • Peanut Perfume
  • Catch it if you can
  • Yummy, munch, slurp!
  • Bumbs Galore!
  • In the guts of the Cream
  • Supercopter Race


The level Don't Despair has a group of pencils places too far down, resulting in Rayman easily getting stuck on them while the falling animation is running.


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