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Rayman Gold
Rayman Gold
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft

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Release date 1997
Genre 2D Platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms PC
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Rayman Gold is a bundle of the original Rayman game and Rayman Designer that was released for the PC in 1997. The Rayman Designer game which comes in this bundle is oddly enough called Rayman Gold although it is the same game as Designer. Some copies also comes with 4 making of Rayman 2 videos.

The 24 new levels

Main article: Rayman Designer

The 24 new levels come with Rayman Gold. They are slightly different to the original Rayman's gameplay, as instead of having to free Electoons and get to the end of a level, Rayman must collect all the Tings in a level to make the exit sign appear. There are no cages, bosses, rising water, etc. here.

Issues with OS compatibility

Both the original Rayman and the Rayman Designer expansion kit are DOS applications. They usually run well under pure DOS or under Windows 95/98/ME, but may have issues with NT-based versions of Windows (2000 and later). If the game does not run out of the box, there are unofficial patches that can improve compatibility. Alternatively, the DOSBox emulator may be used.

However, the main installer, as well as the level editor (mapper) are Windows applications, which will not run under pure DOS. There seems to be no DOS-based installer for the Rayman Designer part of Rayman Gold, but the files can be copied manually from the CD. The original Rayman shipping with Rayman Gold has a DOS installer, which can also be run from Windows.

Issues with missing audio tracks

The Focus Multimedia / Revival Multimedia UK re-release (distributed on a CD with part number ESS254 or REV023) is missing all audio tracks, resulting in no music during either game (sound effects work fine). The copy of the original Rayman shipped with this release will still recognize the original Rayman CD for music, but this workaround will not work for Rayman Designer. The original big-box UK release is not affected by this problem.


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