Rayman Premiers Clics

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Rayman Premiers Clics
Published by Micro Application
Developed by Ubisoft

Directed by Françoise Cosson
Produced by Céline Dallemagne
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Programmed by Management : Éric Vercelot

Graphics : Hugo Benavente, Stéphanie Lelong

Animations : David Alaguillaume, Olivier Ferthel

Development : Philippe Laprun, Thomas Planque, Sylvie Tissot

3D animation : Alexandre Baduel, Gilles Aveneau, Hélène Oger, Hélène Pierre, François Narboux

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Soundtrack by Éric Chevalier

Release date 2000
Genre Educational
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Windows 95/98/ME and MAC
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Distribution media CD-ROM
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Rayman Premiers Clics (known in some other languages as My First Rayman) is one of the educational games from the Rayman learning game Series. This game was released in 2000 for the PC and MAC and was only sold in France, Canada, Spain, Germany and Italy, being available in the four corresponding languages. Rayman Premiers Clics is aimed for a pre-school audience between two and four years old, being designed to help children enter infant education by teaching them basic concepts. Some earlier editions of Rayman Premiers Clics were also bundled with an exclusive Rayman-branded computer mouse or a t-shirt.

The didactic program offers five types of activities:

  • Hide-and-sneak: Develops the attention, the visual perception and the memory.
  • Story telling: Develops the aware listening, oral comprehension, vocabulary and the mouse usage.
  • Puzzles: Develops the spacial organization, vocabulary, the pieces placing, silhouettes and shapes.
  • Drawing: Develops the color vocabulary and the artistic sense.
  • Music: Develops the rhythm sense, vocabulary about different types of musical instruments: percussion, metal, rope and blowing; musical instruments identification and the reproduction of rhythmic sequences.

Rayman Premiers Clics also aims in making the child to participate in stimulating activities that satisfy the basic needs of young children:

  • The need to play.
  • The language access.
  • The finding to its own autonomy.
  • The enjoyment for learning.

The progress level of the child depends of each user:

  • Three difficulty levels.
  • Introduction in a program.
  • Mouse usage.

As long as the child makes an effort, he or she is rewarded:

  • A surprise level by finishing each activity.
  • Constant motivation for the whole game.


Rayman and the Baby Globoxes wait for the player's arrival and welcome him/her in the Magic Meadow. After, the player can interact with the scenery with the mouse, showing animations and play activities. Rayman always guides the player during the exercises, cheering him/her up and rewarding him/her for his/her efforts.