Rabbids Big Bang

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Rabbids Big Bang
Rabbids Big Bang Icon.png
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Paris

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Release date October, 2013
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms iOS, Android and Windows
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Rabbids Big Bang is a Rabbids game released on iOS, Android, PC and Windows Phone in October 2013. The game received two updates, each adding another level to the game. The game currently consists of 12 levels, each with 15 missions to complete.


Each level in the game has 15 missions for the player to complete, each with 3 stars. The stars are given to the player based on the time it takes to finish the mission. The missions themselves are usually for the player to reach a certain position in the level, collect a set amount of coins or loop around a planet a certain number of times. The final mission in each level always has the player chasing a roll of toilet paper, known as the TPS.

Every mission starts with a Rabbid launching being hit out into space by another Rabbid. The player can then hold down their finger on the screen to use the Rabbid's jetpack to move forward. The Rabbid, while not using the jetpack, will constantly rotate, meaning that the timing matters when deciding which direction to move in. The jetpack does however only have a limit amount of fuel, meaning that it will become inoperable after a certain amount of usage. The player can however refill the fuel by collecting green orbs within the levels.

Each level also has coins scattered across and the player can earn more by finishing missions. These coins can be used to purchase new outfits and upgrade the jetpack.


  • Sweet Home
  • Fun with Ufos
  • Planet Run
  • Familiar Galaxy
  • Speckle
  • Tiny Rocks
  • Rabbid Journey
  • Farside
  • Invasion
  • Cow Panic
  • Twin Moon (added in version 2.0.2)
  • Duck Fields (added in version 2.0.8)