Rabbids Go Home (DS)

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Rabbids Go Home
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Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Casablanca

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Release date United States of America(USA).png 1st November 2009

European Union.png 6th November 2009

Genre Puzzle
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Nintendo DS
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Rabbids Go Home is the Nintendo DS version of Rabbids Go Home for the Nintendo Wii, that was released to coincide with the Wii version's release. Unlike the console version of the game, it is a strategy based puzzle game akin to games such as The Incredible Machine and Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2. It is also the first and only game in the Rabbids series to have enhanced features only for use on the DSi, and is the last game in the series to be released on the DS.


A full screenshot of the game in action.

The gameplay of this version is similar to that of the console version in the sense that the player has to allow a Rabbid ride inside a shopping trolley and collect items for the Rabbids' moon pile, before transporting down a toilet. The exception is that rather than being a platformer, the player has to solve a puzzle by using whatever utilities the player has for each puzzle, and depending on where these are placed, the Rabbid in the trolley will move by itself. Not every utility has to be used in order to solve the puzzle. At least one item must be collected before the Rabbid can go down the toilet, though it is possible for all items (if there is more than one) to be collected.

There are five areas in the game, and each one has three zones, each of those containing ten levels plus a bonus level. All but the last level in each zone ends by going down the toilet, while in the last level the Rabbid goes down a portable toilet (WC).

Bonus levels

Following that, there is a bonus level representing the moon pile in which the player has to catch items (usually toilet paper rolls or helmets) into what appears to be a skip, using the stylus to draw lines that guide said item along as it is being propelled out of a cannon. Some skips are set on fire, on which the toilet paper burns, though not the helmets as they are made from metal. Sometimes a cannon will spit out a bomb which must not reach the skips; these can be avoided by drawing a line to block the bomb's flight. Some of the lines the player draws can also be converted to trampolines which cause the items to bounce.


In later levels, a Verminator appears to sabotage parts of the puzzle. This can range from shooting green inflatable barriers in the trolley Rabbid's path, to shooting a green mask over the rocket punches, making them unable to punch Rabbids and objects. The only way to revert this and solve the puzzle it to tap the green sabotages away with the stylus. In the bonus levels they shoot green barriers over the containers blocking the projectiles, and the only way to remove those it to use a toiler paper roll that it on fire to burn it away. They also shoot bombs which empty the containers, and spike balls that cause the projectiles to explode upon contact. There is no way of destroying these and the only way around them is to draw certain lines that redirect the projectiles.


  • Building Site
  • Miami
  • Theme Park
  • Las Vegas
  • Dump


Throughout the game the player is given several utilities to help them solve a puzzle.

  • Scissors: Mainly used to cut ropes.
  • Girders: These often fill gaps on the floor.
  • Bulls: These huge creatures kick Rabbids or objects with their hind legs, propelling them in the direction behind them.
  • Safes: These are often attached to ropes and used to weigh things down.
  • Ropes: Ropes can be attached to most other objects, including Rabbids.
  • Bowling balls: Used to crush small boxes, destructible walls and some other objects.
  • Rocket Punches: These propel Rabbids and objects in the direction the boxing glove is facing. They come in diagonal red ones, or vertical blue ones.
  • Balloons: Full of helium, they rise, often taking objects underneath them with them.
  • Helium tanks: These cause Rabbids to inflate and float upwards temporarily.
  • Destructible walls: These are often uses as gap fillers, and can be broken by heavy objects.
  • Boomboxes: These cause Rabbids to bounce on the ground, and are often used in conjunction with destructible floors.
  • TVs: Used to distract Rabbids until they are broken.
  • Washing Machines: These are often used to teleport Rabbids or objects, and come in three different colours.
  • Dogs: These chase Rabbids and often bite them.

Challenge Mode


Level Building


DSi-only feature

If the game is being run on a DSi or a 3DS, the player can access an extra feature in which he/she can take a picture of their face with the DSi camera and allow a Rabbid to perform a number of acts over it.