Rabbids Rumble

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Rabbids Rumble
Rabbids Rumble
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Headstrong Games

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Release date European Union.png 16th November, 2012

United States of America(USA).png 13th November, 2012

Genre Turn-based strategy, Party
Gameplay mode Single Player, Multiplayer
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
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Rabbids Rumble is a video game in the Raving Rabbids series for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on November 2012 in North America, Australia, and Europe.

Announced by Ubisoft a few weeks before E3 2012,[1] it is the first handheld-exclusive Rabbid game, and as of 2018 the only Rabbids turn-based fighting game.


The game centers around battling within 7 differently-themed worlds, in which the player's party and the current foe's party take turns attacking each other until only one side remains with health. When a Rabbid loses in battle, a new party member takes their place until there are no more fighters left on that specific side. The game features 102 playable Rabbids, who are earned by playing the different modes. The modes are StreetPass; or the packaged AR card, each with their own simple moveset. StreetPass can be used to battle against friends. The game contains various mini-games, alongside the main fighting mode. Notable Rabbids in the game include a professional wrestler, a football player, a superhero, a dragon, a Spartan, and an astronaut.


Rabbids Rumble received mixed reviews. IGN, among other household-name game reviewer companies, such as Game Informer, never reviewed Rabbids Rumble [2], which is uncommon for a Rabbids game published by Ubisoft. Metacritic's review average is critical of the game, being a low 59/100.[3]

As of November 2016, only four users have given a review to Rabbids Rumble on Metacritic, speculating that the game did not sell well.



  • Rabbids Rumble was being developed at the same time as the Rabbids Invasion television show. This was an attempt by Nickelodeon and Ubisoft among other things, to keep the Rabbids brand fresh in the minds of consumers in time for the show's airing. [4]