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In need of work:



  • Switch (Expand Origins and Legends sections, might need help here, as the translator doesn't work well with the French version)
  • Gong
  • Cage (Bring sections from French article)
  • Hoodlum airship (Expand, compare with French version)
  • Spiral Door (Compare with French version, which has subheadings)
  • The Walk of Power
  • Medallion
  • Tidy up R3 Early Production page

Various Henchman articles, by the look:

  • Henchman 800 (could do with a general description, see the French article)
  • Spyglass Pirate (Compare with French article, seems a little bare in comparison to it)
  • Barrel Pirate (Organise into neat sections, compare with French article)

Tidy up and neaten

Nothing at present

Other things to do:

  • Link soundtracks and saves to articles, as done in Summit Beyond the Clouds and Zombie Pirates
  • All-encompassing navboxes, and potentially categorial navboxes, such as the one for Powers and Power-ups. (REVIEW, original method too convoluted, all encompassing bloated, find COMPROMISE between the approaches!)
  • Get Multiupload rights to finish off Fiesta Run screenshots


Rayman 1 All-encompassing Navbox

Rayman series all-encompassing Nav Box