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Appears in Rayman Pirate Community Lodge
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Portrayed by The Staff.

Sex Male
Species Wolf
Status Pirate Community Administrator and RayWiki contributor.

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My Rayman PC History

May 2006 to April 2008 - English Moderator position.
June 2013 - Rejoined English Moderation team.
August 2013 - Gave the forum a new theme along with Matyuv and Hunchman801
June 2014 - Promoted to English Global Moderator.
October 2016 - Part of the team that contributed to RayWiki's new Vector theme to match the forum.
March 2017 - Promoted to English Administrator.

My Rayman History

I first became a fan of Rayman when I played Rayman Arena on my brother's Nintendo GameCube at his house, and I wanted to get the game for myself. However the store only had Rayman 3, which is what ended up making me a fan of the series. This was about 2002/2003 when I had bought Rayman 3.

My Stance on the Rabbids

I was disappointed when the first Rayman Raving Rabbids never turned out how they initially advertised it as, but I did think it was an amusing game to play. I'm not a fan of the Rabbids, but I'm not really against them either.

Rayman games I own

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