The Caves of Skops

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This is a troubling underground world to which we access through Rayman's friend Joe the extraterrestrial's cheerful snack bar. First of all, Rayman has to plug in Joe's shop sign avoiding the spiders, then he will work his way around the stalactites to the den of Skops the Scorpion.
—Manual, Rayman
The Caves of Skops
The Caves of Skops
Picture City Candy Château
The first scenery of the Caves of Skops.

The Caves of Skops (French: Les Caves de Skops) is the fifth world in the original Rayman game. It consists of a gigantic cave system, which sprawls through the underground of the valley. Most of the caverns are filled with water, and the apparent absence of life gives the place an eerie atmosphere, as the sound of water dropping into pools is the only thing to disturb the deadly silence. Some of them are so dark that it is impossible to see anything without a firefly. Joe the Extra-Terrestrial's diner is located on a beach, in front of a subterranean lake. Rayman will have to punch the plug that turns on the diner lights, as well as a network of flying saucers, held with wires which make up Joe's electricity system. Strange platforms, bouncing rocks and abandoned treasures can also be found amongst stalactites and stalagmites. As Rayman reaches the depths of the caves, he starts finding lava rocks, and even unstable lakes of lava, which can start rising because of tremors. Note that in the Rayman Junior games, wooden palisades and dancing mushrooms of various colours can also be found.

The big boss of the Caves of Skops, Mr Skops.

The enemies in the Caves of Skops include Antitoons, hunters, stone dogs, spiders and large-mouthed fish. The boss is Mr Skops, a giant scorpion. Rayman will meet him at the end of Mr Skops' Stalactites, and fight him after waking him up.

Once beaten, Rayman hears Betilla the Fairy calling for help.

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