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Looks like subpages work now finally! This is my cesspit where I test some junk.

Examples of bad article writing

Bad article writing is when you do it wrong, and here are some real examples of shit just like that.

Exhibit A

The Eastern Plains In Near Where Clark Saves You From The Robo Pirates And Rayman revolution.

There Are Infinite Pirate's In A Nearby house To There.

Up To The Right of the entrance is a path leading to the menhir hill's that you can enter once you get the 1st mask. there will be no pirates at the point where clark is going to smash the gate for you.

this is a good training place since the other colors spawn once you encounter them.

stay away from here cause it can be dangerous.

Exhibit B

mairy the fairy is a rayman charecter who has helped rayman in his past to find globox who was still young and stupid, he got stuck in a hole whilst he was trying to jump across it. so mairy helped rayman find were the help screams came from. when rayman found him he helped him out and then they became bester freinds. mairy the fairy was also seen later in rayman 2. on razorbeards prison ship.

Exhibit C

Tonic Trouble is a game based on the Rayman series (even though it wasn't a story about Rayman's World in general) that was created a month after the original version of Rayman 2. It's about a Friendly but Clumsy alien janitor named "Ed" who accidentally dropped a Mysterious can of Tonic on Earth. Causing it to infect humans, animals and plants. The tomatoes are rolling away, the carrots are bouncing at high speed like jack-hammers, icebergs even started appearing and disappearing. The whole World has gone topsy-turvy. Back at Ed's home, he is sent back to repair the damage he did. But the can of tonic has fallen into the hands of a ruthless Viking giving him great powers. His name was "Grogh the Hellish" and he declared himself as the master of earth!

Help Ed explore earth, encounter strange and dangerous beings which was in fact (like already mentioned), his whole fault in the first place.

Exhibit D

One of admiral Razorbeards Treasure ships --**IP withheld** 10:41, 28 October 2008 (UTC) AL

Exhibit E - the cream of the crud

i am very very very sorry that i told you tu shut up with yor sceaming can yo please forgive me .mabye thank you

Now you have an idea on how not to write articles here. :D

Let's test Wikitables

Rayman1Title.PNG R1Intro 001.PNG R1Intro 002.PNG
Rayman Title Screen (European PS1) The Magician's first appearance The Great Protoon
R1Intro 003.PNG R1Intro 004.PNG R1Intro 005.PNG
Mister Dark's first appearance Mister Dark attacking Betilla The Valley succumbing to Mister Dark's attack

Personal to do list

  • Grab screens from Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party DS, then start articles
  • Finish off taking screens from Raving Rabbids PC version and finish off article creations relating to said game
  • Scan manuals of Rayman Revolution, Hoodlums' Revenge, DS
  • Take screenshots from Rayman DS
  • Play Rabbids Go Home DS version more, also keep looking for emulating solutions [apparently action replay codes **might work**]

Recommended emulators for screenshots

  • Sony Playstation: ePSXe
  • Sony Playstation 2: PCSX2 (Rayman Revolution should be fully playable now, not sure about Rayman 3 or M though PC versions are used for these)
  • Sega Saturn: The emulation situation for this is even more hopeless than the Jaguar. There is one called SFF, which does load Rayman, but the controls mess up rendering it unplayable as of 2009. I'll give the newest version a shot.
  • Atari Jaguar: Only two emulators for this console run commercial games - Virtual Jaguar and Project Tempest. The latter is long dead now, while VJ is still very gradually being developed and it has come to a point where Rayman is just about playable, *with* sound. It's very temperamental, so be careful not to crash it.
  • Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color: VirtualBoy.
  • Nintendo DS: DS emulation is still lacking, though the best emu is No$GBA due to a simple way of screen capture, seconded by Desmume. Unfortunately Rabbids Go Home, Rayman on DSiWare, Rayman 3D and Rabbids 3D do not work, the former due to anti-piracy coding, the rest are not even dumped, let allowed cracked, plus there are currently no emulators for the 3DS. The rest will run alright, while GBA Rayman 3's multiplayer modes can be accessed with No$GBA.
  • Sega Dreamcast: NullDC, although the last time I checked Rayman 2 is unable to save.
  • Nintendo Wii/Gamecube: Dolphin, though Rayman Arena has freezing at certain points in Windows 7 32-bit, no problems so far on 64-bit. The Wii Rabbids games will run, though unless you use a powerful computer they may well crawl. They all work if you use a graphics tablet AND a PS3 controller at the same time if you can't use a wiimote, though these must be tweaked a lot; sadly RRR1 is barely playable this way though the fact that it runs the nuts on Windows 7 64-bit makes up for that.
  • Nintendo 64: Project 64 is the highest rated one, testing needed please.
  • Microsoft XBox: 2 emulators exist but will most likely not run Rayman 3 or Rayman Arena, sadly.

Land of the livid dead

The Land of the Livid Dead is an optional level in Rayman Origins. It's located under the Snoring Tree, and in order to access it, the players must get all of the Skull Teeth (and therefore 200 Electoons as well) and give them to the Grim Reaper, who guards the entrance.

The Land of the Livid Dead is a hellish underworld populated by undead grannies, in which Big Mama acts as the final boss.



As a level

Phase 1


Phase 2

In this area, the heroes must run away from a swarm of killer flies and leap onto the skeleton of a long flying creature across a lake of purple toxic liquid, while avoiding several thickets of thorns. A few Grannies stand along the way, these must be spun into or jumped on in order to keep safe while riding the skeleton. Eventually the heroes arrive on safe ground, and then must move on to an area in which they must climb various obstacles (akin to the Mystical Pique and the Moody Clouds) such as coffins and bones that continually fall into a bottomless pit.

Phase 3


Phase 4


Big Mama

Finally, the heroes encounter Big Mama, bathing in a pool of molten lava while painting her nails. They must bounce onto a mushroom which takes them onto her left arm; as soon as she discovers them, she screams and the battle begins.

Rabbids Rumble

Rabbids Rumble is a game in the Rabbids series, which was released in November 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike its predecessor, Rabbida 3D, which was a platformer, the game returns to the minigame format, while making use of the handheld's features such as the camera, tilt controls and augmented reality, it features a mode called the Rumble Arena which uses RPG elements.

Story Mode


Rumble Arena


Camera use

Augmented reality

The game comes with an AR card, and as such contains minigames that make use of it.

QR Codes

Other features






Some of the Incrediballs playing in the Sacred Tree.

The Incrediballs are creatures residing in the Glade of Dreams that make their début appearance in Rayman Adventures, in which they offer their skills to assist Rayman, Barbara and other heroes in their adventures, once rescued and hatched from their eggs. Currently there are 126 Incrediballs to find, and they are split into 23 families.

The Snifflers

The Snifflers are blue elephant-like Incrediballs that

Name Description Class
Sniff Example Common
Stinker Example Common
Snot Example Uncommon
Stench Example Uncommon
Whiff Example Rare
Sneez Example Royal