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The four different kinds of Bulb-o-Lums.

Bulb-o-Lums are big, round bulb-like Lum containers dispersed on different areas from the Glade of Dreams in Rayman Origins. Every normal slap makes Bulb-o-Lums spit an item, usually Lums, sometimes hearts, and in rare situations, Blue Punch bubbles. It the heroes use a crush attack or a charged hit on a Bulb-o-Lum, it will release all of the items inside of it. When the Bulb-o-Lum is finally empty, it deflates and then disappears. While Bulb-o-Lums are plants only in the Jibberish Jungle and the Ticklish Temples, other variants have no relation with plants, and have different appearances according to the environment in which they are. In the Desert of Dijiridoos and the Grumbling Grottos, Bulb-o-Lums are sacks patched with stars, while on the Gourmand Land and the Luscious Lakes, Bulb-o-Lums are piñatas, with different designs between icy and fiery areas.

The Magician's explanation on Bulb-o-Lums.