Bumper Notebird

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Bumper Notebird
Bumper Notebird
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Species Bird
Status Background character, ally

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Bumper Notebirds are benevolent birds from the Desert of Dijiridoos in Rayman Origins. They have completely round bodies, small beaks, colourful feathers on the tail and one single eye. Bumper Notebirds can be seen sitting on staffs along with the regular Notebirds, making constant noises. The player can bounce on their heads; if the player performs a crush attack on a Bumper Notebird's head, they will be able to reach higher places. However, the Bumper Notebird standing on the staff will lower a line for every jump that the player performs; if the limit of jumps is exceeded, the Bumper Notebird will fall and the player will be exposed to the dangerous cliff. When a Bumper Notebird falls, another one takes its place after a while, sitting on the upper line of the staff again.