Cloudy Cache

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Cloudy Cache
Cloudy Cache
Clouds of Peril Heart of the World
Murfy Stamp

Lums 99 Cages 0

The Cloudy Cache is the third bonus level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. The level can be unlocked by collecting 25 Murfy stamps. The design is similar to Clouds of Peril.


Rayman begins the level around some steep platforms and waterfalls. All around the level is a bottomless pit that Rayman must avoid falling when jumping or using the Throttle Copter for longer distances. Sometimes Rayman must activate switches to open golden gates to either find more secrets filled with gems and Hoodlum enemies or advance to the exit. The exit is not through a door, but more of a small opening on a cloudy platform.

A tree species that can also be found in the Dream Forest and the Forest world.


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