Vertiginous Riddle

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Vertiginous Riddle
Vertiginous Riddle
The Infernal Machine Dungeon of Murk
Murfy Stamp 28000

Lums 82 Cages 0

Vertiginous Riddle is the first bonus level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge which can be unlocked by earning six Murfy Stamps.


An Armed Spinneroo wielding his sword.

In the level, Rayman begins in the middle where there are multiple paths to choose from. This level features many types of enemies including the debut of the armed Spinneroo, and several Hoodlums from Rayman 3 like the Hoodmonger Soldiers, Hoodbooms, Hoodblasters and Hoodstormers. Returning enemies from previous levels are the Podocrocks and Ninja Crabs. Rayman will have to be very careful when moving from area to area because a huge bottomless pit is all around the level.


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