Menhirs of Power

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Menhirs of Power
Menhirs of Power
Sulphurous Sea Pit of Endless Fire
Murfy Stamp 42000

Lums 98 Cages 4

The Menhirs of Power is the eleventh level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. It is a unique level, because the player needs to collect various runes scattered through the level.


Rayman will have to collect five runes. But before that can be done, Rayman needs to find and free Globox, as he is trapped in a small area blocked by a gate. After finding Globox, the two must switch back and forth to reach the runes. Once all five runes are collected and brought to their corresponding menhirs, then the two can go to the exit. The level itself is a sort of a maze, with many Hoodlum enemies almost everywhere. The menhirs are in the middle of the map, and the exit is at the upper right of the map.

The menhirs once all the runes have been brought to them.

The level


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